The self-serve scoop dispenser is suitable for all kinds of dry products and is the ideal merchandising solution for “hard to flow” products such as individually wrapped sweets, sticky confectionery, large pet foods and large pasta shapes. Martek Food Systems offer five different types of scoop dispenser which can hold between 11L and 27L of product depending on the model – please see the product specification table. Our NSF certified dispensers are made from polycarbonate which is BPA free. They are also 35 times stronger and easier to clean than acrylic containers. Each container has two opening lids, the hinged door at the front is designed for customer entry and the second double-hinged lid is for restocking the dispenser, this allows for FIFO product rotation. Both opening doors close tightly to retain freshness.

There is a 9.5cm x 10.5cm glare-free label holder on the lower lid of each self-serve scoop system ranging from 12L capacity to 27L capacity, the 11L round-faced container has a different 18cm X 3cm label holder. The label holders are ideal for displaying nutritional information as well as the product name and price. Each dispenser comes with a plastic scoop that is conveniently stored in a separate compartment, this assures good hygiene levels. The scoop is attached to the container with a durable plastic coil that prevents the loss of scoops and ensures that no container is left without a scoop for customers to use. The scoop dispensers have a removable false chamber that can be used to make the container look fully stocked and tidy at all times. The containers are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The dispensers can easily be integrated into existing shelving units and will create an interrupted, eye-catching display.

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