Have you considered revamping your merchandising to maximise selling opportunities?

No doubt you are already familiar with the many potential benefits of offering loose pet foods within store. You may be even more aware of the disadvantages – smells and mess, concerns about hygiene and issues about space utilisation, presentation and ‘customer friendliness’.

There is an alternative that will enable you to reap the benefits of cheaper supply and easier logistics, while offering your customers an attractive and appealing ‘destination’ display that encourages them to buy more of what they want, more often.

No more smells, no more mess; our dispensers will enable you to maximise space utilisation and enhance the aesthetic presentation of pet foods to your customers.

These dispensers are crystal clear, scratch-resistant and almost unbreakable (35 times stronger than acrylic). By design, the dispensers are easy to clean and refill, they keep the product fresh and promote first-in, first-out stock rotation.

What’s more, self-serve merchandising generates more profit for retailers, is better value for customers and dramatically reduces wasteful packaging. Are you ready to realise its potential?

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