Martek are the official distributor for Trade Fixtures dispensers
in the UK & Ireland.

Self-serve dispensers have been proven to
increase both sales and profitability.

Our self-serve dispensers are attractive & easy to use, and have been proven to increase both sales and profitability. The self-serve dispensers that we offer are the most durable, most attractive (crystal clear & scratch resistant) and most practical which is why they have become the most popular product line in the world!

There are many drivers for this type of retailing. Click here to find out more.

Why Self-Serve?

Self-serve dispensing produces higher sales with better margins, whilst allowing you to offer a wider variety of products within a limited space. Give customers more choice and allow them to buy an exact amount of a product, which in turn reduces food waste along with eliminating wasteful packaging!

Self-serve dispensing is fun, adventurous and looks appealing. The dispensers display the products effectively, customers receive better value & save money.

Why Now?

The concept of self-serve dispensing is already incredibly popular in the US, Canada, Australia and several European countries, where retailers and consumers are enjoying this innovative approach to merchandising. Self-serve dispensing improves shelf density, boosts margins and dramatically reduces both food and packaging waste!

We strongly believe that the time is right for the UK to introduce this way of shopping into major supermarkets. It's already working very well in natural/organic shops & it's about time we stopped sending so much unnecessary packaging to landfill.

Why Martek?

Martek has worked in the retail and cinema retail sectors for nearly three decades, and our Food Systems division draws on this experience and expertise to help retailers solve the familiar challenges of space utilisation, stock rotation, ease of use and merchandising appeal.

We supply the complete range of gravity, scoop and spice dispensers for dispensing bulk foods and other loose non-food products; from a single scoop dispenser to a full store fit-out, nothing is too big or too small. We are proud that through our long and varied experience we understand what works, where and why.

Martek are proud to be the exclusive distributors for Cretors equipment in the UK and Ireland, and have introduced the Cretors brand in over 200 sites.

Why Trade Fixtures?

Trade fixtures have been manufacturing self-serve merchandising dispensers for over 30 years - revolutionising the way consumers shop!

The dispensers are user friendly and display food in the most attractive, cleanest and efficient way.

Trade Fixtures are an innovative brand and stand unmatched in product quality. Over 1 million dispensers have been sold in over 67 countries worldwide. Martek are proud to be the official distributor of industry leading dispensers by Trade Fixtures in the UK and Ireland.

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